National Speciality 2017 Schedule




Hosted by:  The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Victoria Inc.


Friday 17th, Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th March, 2017

State Dog Centre, KCC Park, Skye


Entries to the secretary, 78 Parkhurst Drive, Cranbourne East 3977    Phone: 0409 424 308 (no calls

after 9pm) or via Showmanager.  Cheques made payable to Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Victoria Inc.

Entries Close:   Friday, 3rd February, 2017


Judges:           Conformation & Property:    Mrs Ann Woodrow (UK) Mirengo

                         Obedience and rally:              Mr Graham Eades (Vic)


Classes:   Conformation:       1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 Dogs and Bitches, Class 18 & Special Classes

                  Obedience:            CCD, Novice, Open, UD and UDX.

                         Rally Novice, Rally Advanced A & B, Rally Excellent  A & B, Masters

Special Classes:

24                            Best Headed Dog                               27            Best Headed Bitch

25                            Best Gaited Dog                                 28            Best Gaited Bitch

26                            Best Ridged Dog                                29            Best Ridged Bitch    (Best Ridge Overall)

30                            Sire and Progeny                                31            Dam and Progeny

34                            Brown Nose                                        13            Brace


Progeny classes - a minimum of 2, maximum of 5 from at least 2 litters. Sire and Dam do not have to be entered in a conformation class but do need to be in the ring for the progeny class.


Parade of Veterans is free – (Please send brief resume with entries to be included in the catalogue)


JUDGING COMMENCES:     Obedience:  Friday  - 11.00am     Vetting time:  10.15-10.45am

                                                  If temperature exceeds 35oC the Trial will commence at 6pm.


Order of Judging:


Saturday  - 9.00am ~ Dog Classes 1,2,3,4,5,10,11, ~ Dog Challenge ~ Neuter Class 18 ~ Bitch Classes 1a, 2a,3a,4a


           Sunday   -  9.00am ~Veterans Parade, 5a, 10a, 11a ~ Bitch Challenge ~ Neuter Class 18a  ~General Specials ~​ Dog and Bitch Special Classes


Note: BIS and RUBIS winners will be excluded from the head, gait and ridge property classes. Neuter class 18 & 18a are eligible to enter special classes.   Baby puppies are ineligible for special classes. 


BREED ENTRY FEES:                            1st entry  $40 (includes catalogue), subsequent entries  $20

                                                                  Baby Puppy FREE

                                                                  Property Classes:   $10

                                                                  Veterans FREE

                                                                  (Exhibit numbers will be available for collection on Friday)


OBEDIENCE CLASS ENTRY FEES:        Separate Entry: $12


Catalogue:  $20 if not pre-ordered


                                                Trophy and Sash for all in-show awards and Obedience awards