National Specialty Programme


11:00AM - WELCOME 'Meet and Greet Barbeque' from 11:00am

Collect exhibit numbers, merchandise orders and welcome bags

BBQ is a gold coin donation to support our rescue club

11:30AM - Obedience and Rally starts

​Presentations for obedience will occur at the end of the day

  • Exhibitors are welcome to put up gazebos after 4pm however mats and tarps are not allowed to be placed down due to KCC regulations. The narrow side must be to the ring and no ropes or other forms of marking out is permitted under any circumstances due to safety issues.
  • Please Note: marquees available for reservation later in the year



  • Catering on the day to be advised

9:00AM Conformation judging starting           

                                                                       Dog Classes 1,2,3,4,5,10,11

                                                                       Dog Challenge

                                                                       Neuter Class 18

                                                                       Bitch Classes 1a, 2a,3a,4a​

5:30PM onwards Catered dinner

  • you will receive 2 dinner tickets with the welcome pack
  • function will be held @ KCC Park Function Room
  • Extra tickets $20 p/h (please notify extra tickets via email [email protected])



  • Catering on the day to be advised

9.00AM - Veterans Parade

  • Dogs will be introduced by their home and show name in age order (youngest to oldest)
  • ​Entries will be done through Show Manager. A short blurb and photo will be requested on entry

​​                Conformation judging starts

                                                                   5a, 10a, 11a

                                                                   Bitch Challenge

                                                                   Neuter Class 18a 

                                                                   General Specials

                                                                   Dog and Bitch Special Classes

  • ​30mins after completion of judging light refreshments and presentations will be held in the function room
  • ​Photographs will be available with the judge after presentations